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Our service

Mediaddress is the service which allows journalists and freelancers to receive targeted communications based on their areas of expertise.

Mediaddress was founded in 1992 with the aim of bringing together services designed and created for the needs of press offices.

At Mediaddress we constantly develop new services and products to respond effectively to our customers various needs, allowing them to choose the most suitable formula for their organisation and their operational and budget needs.

Mediaddress, the historic database of journalists, proves itself a service of excellence on the Italian scene and a benchmark for the press offices of major institutions, companies and public relations agencies.

The team

The media relations professionals who work at Mediaddress analyse newspapers daily and carry out checks in their area of expertise to provide a constantly updated database.

Our team uses innovative technological tools to expand the database, refine cross-referencing systems and sign agreements with national and international networks.

Siamo un team che si avvale di strumenti tecnologici innovativi per ampliare la banca dati, affinare sistemi di aggiornamento incrociato e per siglare accordi con network nazionali e internazionali.

Where we are
    • Mediaddress bases de datos para la comunicación, S.L.
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