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Get your ideal reference contacts involved, send your press releases to Italian and foreign journalists
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Forwarding of press releases and reports
Over the years, Mediaddress has provided support to 1,200 press offices, including:

Continuously updated database

We regularly scan all the publications listed in our database to check for any missing journalist names, the addition of new figures or changes in the ranks of the editorial offices.Thanks to this monitoring effort, we can offer you a complete and reliable database with data on over 30,000 Italian and 61,000 foreign journalists.

Filters improve mailing list targeting precision and reduce spam

Make sure your message is read by the recipient. Involve only those interested in your proposal, create your mailing list of journalists making the most of all the available filters:

Reliable forwarding and reporting

Thanks to our internal tracking tools, you will always have precise visibility concerning:

What is stored in the Italian database

Italian journalists
Italian freelance writers
Italian media

What is stored in the foreign database

European Database

(France, Germany
United Kingdom, Spain)

60,358 journalists

8,316 publications

Worldwide Data

(Rest of Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, North and South America)

270,000 journalists

100,500 publications

Press Offices

Create your mailing lists with the constantly updated data of Italian, European and world journalists and send your press releases to the right contacts

Freelance writers

Join our community to get free access to various services, optimise your business and find new work opportunities


Choose a reliable tool, use Mediaddress
Daily updates
We check the editorial offices for information updates, we check daily press reviews to verify any changes in editorial position appointments, we monitor who is signing articles
Personal profiles
You can personalise your press office style by creating your own release layout – with an exclusive format!
More exhaustive information
Our database is the most comprehensive on the market in terms of listed media, number of journalist names, type of publications, recorded websites, blogs and Twitter profiles
Client support
Always at your disposal for any need. A help desk is on standby and we can help with personalised entry of requested publications

The achievements of our database

Quality first
Certificazione Dasa Ragister 9000-2015
ISO 9001:2015
Organisation with a quality management system certified by Dasa-Ragister SpA in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015

An international service


Mediaddress Srl

via Compagnoni 30
20129 Milano
Tel. +39 02 70004150


Mediaddress bases de datos para la comunicación, S.L.

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Tel. +34 911516753

Our partners
The reliability of our database also depends on the quality of our partnerships
The “Eco della Stampa” service constantly monitors all Italian media, both traditional and digital, to inform over 4,000 companies and organizations on the basis of reliable data, using the most advanced technologies and the most qualified staff.

The membership of the National Order of Journalists to the “Journalists Area“; project (approved by the Executive Committee of the National Council on 21/11/2012) enables us to develop tools that empower journalists in their work.

The initiative has received the support of various Regional Councils such as those of Lombardy and Lazio.

We could no longer work without it
“Mediaddress is indispensable for our press office because we have constantly launching new projects and operating across a thousand fronts. Hence the need to create lists of journalists that are always different but very focused. Since 1998, the database is an essential support tool in our operations; we could not do without it.”
Grazia Bonvissuto
Media Relations, Bayer
An indispensable support instrument for many years

“The Mediaddress Database has been an indispensable support instrument for us for many years and is becoming increasingly important as time goes on.

The continuous expansion of communication needs, the proliferation of contacts and areas of interest, in a complex, interdisciplinary and highly populated scenario such as that of the State University of Milan makes the use of Mediaddress a critical element of our work, ensuring that mailing lists are drafted quickly reliably updated.
Exceptional staff availability and efficiency”.

Anna Cavagna
Head of Press Office, University of Milan

Some frequently asked questions about Mediaddress

The use of Mediaddress entails full compliance with the GDPR rules, so the only thing you have to worry about is to create the most appealing press release possible and select the target list of journalists!

Click here to read our policy disclosure.

No, activating the test password implies no obligation, to request your 7-day free trial simply complete the following form indicating your name, surname, email address, telephone number and the company you work for. One of our sales staff will call you and provide the credentials for the trial period along with a few tips on how to use the program.

Certainly, with Mediaddress you can configure lists of recipients based on criteria such as role, publication circulation, sector of interest or even city.

Yes, currently Mediaddress provides you with a report comprising:

  • Number of sendings
  • Messages opened

Choose the right plan for your press office


  • 2 licences
  • DB Italy
  • 100.000 speditions
  • Unlimited Mailing-list
  • Unlimited exports*
  • TAGS
  • DB Freelance
  • DB Contributors
  • DB Account social
  • Windpress
  • Cards personalization
  • Insertion new cards
  • Articles


  • 1 licence
  • DB Italy
  • 50.000 speditions
  • Unlimited Mailing-list
  • Unlimited exports*
  • TAGS
  • DB Freelance
  • DB Contributors
  • DB Account social
  • Windpress
  • Cards personalization
  • Insertion new cards
  • Articles


  • 1 licence
  • DB Italy
  • 10.000 speditions
  • 3 Mailing-list
  • 15.000 exports year *
  • TAGS
  • DB Freelance
  • DB Contributors
  • DB Account social
  • Windpress
  • Cards personalization
  • Insertion new cards
  • Articles

*XLS: 10.000 journalists/week. 10.000 media/week., PDF unlimited

Choose the right plan for your press office

* The package limits are respectively:

XLS export: 15,000 journalists and 10,000 media per year
shipping: 10,000 e-mails per year
rescue: 3 lists

** The limits are 50,000 emails per year
*** The limits are 100,000 emails per year

For information on European or foreign data or for a personalised quotation
Mediaddress Book, versione cartacea del database giornalisti online
Mediaddress book
And to have the world of information at your fingertips even when you cannot connect to the web, we offer Mediaddress, the compact hard copy version of our database with more than 1,300 newspapers and 14,000 journalists.

Try out all the features, no costs, no obligations

We know that before making a purchase or subscribing to a service you must be sure that the tool meets your needs, so we assure you a one-week free trial of our database.

Try the search features, create a mailing list, customise the journalist template and discover how Mediaddress can be an ally in your communication strategy, you’ll never want to be without it again!

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